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Demystifying the Private Pooled Income Fund

Understanding and using privatepooled income funds for retirement In our roles as tax, legal and financial advisors, we have encountered many clients who can be fairly classified as ‘reluctant’ charitable donors. To clarify, we frequently remind them that, when it comes to their ‘gross’ income and their consequent income tax obligation, there are only three [...]

Demystifying the Private Pooled Income Fund2019-02-15T10:05:17-06:00

Tips for Contesting Unemployment Benefits

By Paul Edwards & Jennie McLaughlin, J.D. What should you do when an employee resigns but later changes their story in an attempt to receive unemployment benefits? We get questions about this quite often. The employee resigns because they are moving, got a new job, want to go back to school, or didn’t think it [...]

Tips for Contesting Unemployment Benefits2019-02-15T10:05:17-06:00